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FDA proposes tougher regulations on tanning beds

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Tanning beds could soon come with a warning label, alerting users to the risk of skin cancer and noting that the devices shouldn’t be used by people under 18.

Those changes could come through a new proposal from the Food and Drug Administration, which today announced plans to change the way that the sunlamps used in tanning beds are regulated.

Today, these tanning lamps, which emit ultraviolet radiation, are regulated as “low-risk,” class 1 devices, in the same category as tongue depressors and Band-Aids. These products aren’t required to be reviewed before going on the market, said Jeff Shuren, director of the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health.

Under the proposed change, tanning lamps would be considered class 2 devices, in the same category as CT scanners, which also expose people to radiation, Shuren said.

If the proposed order is finalized, “There will be requirements that products have to meet in order to go on the market,” Shuren said. Tanning machines also will warn customers not to use them if they have skin cancer or open skin lesions, or if they have a family history of skin cancer.

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