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New bill would ban minors from using tanning beds in Pennsylvania

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Rep. RoseMarie Swanger (R-Lebanon) held a press conference in Harrisburg on Monday to unveil her legislation that would safeguard young people from the dangers of ultraviolet radiation and the development of skin cancer by restricting tanning bed use for minors.

“Indoor tanning bombards the skin of its clients with DNA-altering radiation, yet it is currently unregulated in Pennsylvania,” said Swanger.  “This exposure to ultraviolet radiation is known to be particularly dangerous for teenagers, who are at greater risk of developing skin cancer from indoor and outdoor tanning.  Tanning beds are essentially cigarettes for the skin.”

House Bill 977 would require indoor tanning establishments to register with the Pennsylvania Department of Health and become licensed by the department.  It would require the department to perform an initial inspection of an indoor tanning facility, and would allow the department to re-inspect randomly, at the request of an operator or to investigate a complaint.

The legislation also would require indoor tanning facilities to post warning signs about ultraviolet radiation and its dangers, and provide a written warning to each customer.  Additionally, tanning devices would be required to meet federal standards.

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